Earn High Interest


Are you looking for a way to truly diversify your investment portfolio?

In a time when homeowner equity is evaporating, global markets are roiling and concerns about stock market returns are prevalent in the minds of people from the working class to the wealthy, are you concerned about your investment portfolio performance and your ability to retire?


Our Real Estate Investment business model achieves the following goals for our clients:

Investment in local markets – We use our expertise in local real estate markets to purchase, rehabilitate and sell or refinance housing stock.

Multiple exit strategies – We primarily purchase homes at a price point that affords us the opportunity to:

  • refinance and hold the property in a corporate portfolio
  • sell the property to another investor as a cash flow positive investment property
  • sell the property to a first time homebuyer


Protection for our clients – Our clients receive the following protections:

  • Loan to value ratio of the property will never exceed 70%
  • A personal promissory note which affords the investor the ability to hold the borrower personally liable for the debt
  • A recorded mortgage position
  • Title insurance as part of the settlement process
  • Being named as an additional insured on the property insurance


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